Fine-tune GPT-3.5 Turbo with Entry Point

Create custom AI models without code

Entry Point is a project management solution for AI fine-tuning with all the tools you need to train large language models, compare performance, manage datasets, generate synthetic examples, and collaborate with teammates.

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    Identify the Task

    Large language models (LLMs) outperform traditional techniques for many natural language tasks such as classification, tagging, data extraction, translation, summarization, and conversational chatbots.
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    Import Examples

    Entry Point AI makes it easy to edit and format your data in fields and templates. Import your data from a CSV file and start getting meaningful fine-tuned results with as few as 20 examples.
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    Evaluate Performance

    Run fine-tunes across platforms and base models with the press of a button, then see exactly how they stack up against each other and where they can be improved with synthetic data.

Top Features
Fine-tuning made easy.

Collaborate, label data, and evaluate models with ease on Entry Point AI.
intuitive user interface to add examples

Intuitive Interface
Get to Results Faster

Ditch the command line, ad hoc Python scripts, and cumbersome API calls. Entry Point simplifies the process—import a spreadsheet, format your prompt and completion templates, and start training with one click.
stay organized with fields

Template Fields
Stay Organized

Define field types like text, number, URL, and predefined options for your data, allowing you to easily update values in your dataset, make formatting changes on the fly, search by field, sort by token lengths, and other LLM-first capabilities.
Example dataset management

Dataset Tools
Scale Your Dataset

Filter, edit, and manage your dataset. Then expand your model's accuracy the smart way—by synthesizing new examples using the AI Data Synthesis feature in Entry Point.

Unlimited applications

Custom AI models are transforming industries, internal processes, and the way we work with data.
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    Content Marketing

    Blog Writer

    Train a model on your blog posts and generate new ones that match your brand's consistent style and tone.
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    Lead Qualifier

    Classify leads as Qualified or Unqualified based on their contact form submission. Assign a score to the qualified ones and allocate them fairly across sales reps.
  • AI Chatbot Icon

    Issue Prioritizer

    Train a model to identify and prioritize high-priority support issues, ensuring swift and targeted responses to the most crucial customer concerns.
  • Prospect Filtering Icon
    Big Data

    Data Normalizer

    Ingest an assortment of records from varying sources and normalize them according to the standards for your data.
  • Email Icon
    Email Marketing

    Email Scrubber

    Clean up your marketing email lists with an intelligent AI classifier that can easily detect fake or spam email addresses.
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    Fraud Detector

    LLMs can identify subtle patterns in data that indicate potentially fraudulent activity, helping to reduce risk and protect your business.
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Fine-tuning Explained
Take the next step in AI by fine-tuning LLMs

Fine-tuning is the process of specializing a base model for a task. Instead of being limited by prompt length, fine-tuning allows you to train a model on hundreds or thousands of examples. The results are often faster, more efficient, and higher quality.
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What real users are saying

  • Andres Ponce

    I have tried many fine-tuning platforms, but Entry Point was by far the easiest to use!

    Andres Ponce, E-Commerce Marketing Manager EMEA at Medtronic
  • nathan

    I think there are so many people with access to ChatGPT but don’t quite understand the power of it. I feel like I got a superpower.

    Nathan Gyaneshwar, Founder at PurchasePlus
  • Erki

    They have such a great product I was excited to go to office on Sunday to try it out!

    Erki Koldits, Founder of Zlick
  • jordan s thumbnail 2

    Entry Point has been such an amazing application to work with that's made such a difference. If you're training models with OpenAI, you should definitely give it a try.

    Jordan Silvera, CEO at Smart Intros
  • John Grange

    I'd highly recommend [Entry Point]. It definitely saved time building the dataset and setting up the fine-tuning run. There's a lot more I can do with it in terms of generating new, synthetic data.

    John Grange, Co-founder and CTO at OpsCompass

Next step
Unlock the full potential of AI

Our AI experts are ready to discuss your needs and show you how Entry Point AI can open up new possibilities. Whether you're looking to automate processes, create innovative products, or transform your industry—we're here to help.


  • What is fine-tuning?
    Fine-tuning is the process of specializing a base LLM for a given type of task with new training examples. This shapes how the model responds to a given input, teaches it patterns to follow, and makes it more effective for a specific application.
  • What platforms are supported?
    Entry Point supports fine-tuning on OpenAI, AI21, or exporting the JSONL file to train open source models.
  • Is an API key required to use Entry Point?
    An API key is required to train on OpenAI or AI21. Generating synthetic data requires the OpenAI integration as well. You can import, manage, format, and export a JSONL file without an API key.