4-day Masterclass

The Art of AI Fine-tuning

We'll break down fine-tuning into practical terms and demonstrate through hands-on examples how to customize language models—and finally unlock the full power of AI for your business.

Learn core concepts
Train your own model
Deploy automations
Hands-on demos
Intuitive explanations
Live Q&A

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Why Fine-tuning Matters

Tired of arm wrestling GPTs to generate the completions you want?

You've come to the right place.

Off-the-shelf models can deliver impressive results for a demo or proof-of-concept. But shipping a feature into production requires a model you can trust.

Many product teams and developers are waiting on the sidelines for costs to come down, outputs to be more reliable, or generation to get faster. But the fact is, most of these issues are the natural side effects of general models that are made for everyone.

And if they're made for everyone, they're made for no one.

The best models will always be the ones you create yourself—customized to your business needs.

That's where fine-tuning comes in. It's a technique that changes the "model's brain" to become an expert on your tasks. If you need AI models that are high quality, fast, affordable, and reliable, then fine-tuning is the technique for you. But fine-tuning requires a new mindset to approaching AI, starting with "show, not tell."

In this masterclass, we'll unlock this powerful technique for you and your business.


This masterclass is provided free of charge. No coding experience required.

We'll meet on Zoom for one hour per day with time for Q&A at the end. We'll use no-code tools and focus on how to apply knowledge for meaningful business outcomes.

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All attendees will also receive a free invitation into our exclusive AI community where you can meet like-minded AI innovators.

What We'll Cover


Intro to Fine-tuning

How is fine-tuning different from prompt engineering? We'll explore a couple examples of fine-tuned models and then create our first custom model live.

The Framework

We introduce a framework for fine-tuning and evaluation. Learn how to read training graphs, steer behavior, and enhance performance through fine-tuning.

Building Datasets

Prepare a training dataset for a model and grow it synthetically. Learn how to prompt fine-tuned models correctly and set hyperparameters for fine-tuning jobs.

Systems & Integration

Think in systems, not isolation. Learn to automate tasks using AI through platforms including Zapier, Google Sheets, code, and on your local computer.

Meet the Instructors

Miha and Mark are the founders of Entry Point AI and the instructors of this masterclass.

Miha Cacic

Miha studied physics before launching a content marketing agency in 2019. He then automated it with a workforce of fine-tuned AI models that perform the equivalent of 13 full-time employees for $10 a day. Miha is passionate about teaching others how to automate with AI.

Mark Hennings

Mark is the entrepreneur and self-taught developer who created Simple Booth, a photo app that 30M+ people have used to take pictures and #414 on the Inc 500 in 2018. Mark is passionate about taking the complex and making it simple.

Who Should Attend

This masterclass is ideal for you if you're a...

  • Startup founder or entrepreneur

  • CEO or business executive

  • Software developer

  • Writer, content marketer, or communications professional

  • AI consultant or agency

Past Attendees

Don't take our word for it. Here's how we changed the game for past attendees:

5 stars

"Wrapping up the 4-day AI Fine-tuning Masterclass 😁 Amazing opportunity for those of us who are not coming from an engineering-background to deep dive into AI and the bouquet of opportunities that Entry Point is boosting. Thanks for such a high-level both technical & theoretical content. The content is just too good to be missed."

-Daniela Monsalvo, Business Development Executive at North Lead
5 stars

"This was a great class and format. The quality and level of participation in the Q/A was exceptional. Thanks to you and Miha for hosting this, and for your great supplemental YouTube series as well."

-Bill McIntyre, Software Engineering & LLM Solutions Leader at Thinkiac
5 stars

"Entry Point’s AI Fine-tuning Masterclass is packed with practical information on how to work with AI models in a myriad of different ways to integrate them to super-power just about any task."

-Cody McDonald, ex Product Manager — Amazon, Automox, Zen Planner
5 stars

"The mastermind was very informative but also fun! It was engaging because it's not a typical webinar; we actually built and tested the models live."

-Matija Laznik, COO at 21writers
5 stars

"Mihael, your class was insightful and comprehensive. I appreciate how effectively the information was delivered and can clearly see a wide range of applications for fine-tuning AI within our business operations. I would encourage others in our industry to take advantage of this valuable resource the next time it’s available. Thank you for the impactful session!"

-Troy Cooper, Founder of UFFCR
5 stars

"Just wrapped up Michael Cacic's AI Fine-tuning Masterclass and it's a game-changer! The hands-on approach and practical insights provided are invaluable for anyone looking to deepen their understanding and skills in AI. Highly recommend it to professionals at any level. Thanks, Michael, for an enlightening experience!"

-Milos Popov, AI Prompt Engineer at Scale AI
5 stars

"The AI Fine-tuning Masterclass was of immense value. Looking over the shoulder of Mihael Cacic is an excellent shortcut to getting a grasp of fine-tuning in action through clear examples."

-Petri Hiissa, RenAIssance Man, Co-founder of Campwire
5 stars

"The AI Fine-tuning Masterclass was both interesting and informative! It gave me a much clearer picture of how LLMs are tuned and harnessed for specific use cases."

-Dan Murray, Founder of Rocky Mountain AI Interest Group (RMAIIG)