Fine-tuning Masterclass

Want to learn the cutting edge practice of fine-tuning large language models?

Entry Point AI is hosting a 4-day LLM Fine-tuning Masterclass.

This masterclass is completely free and we will use 100% no-code tools. Some prompt engineering experience is recommended.


📅 Join us Tuesday through Friday starting at:

🕚 9am PT / 10am MT / 11pm CT / 1pm ET

💻 We'll meet on Zoom & learn how to create custom large language models through hands-on demos!


 🎯 Day 1: Intro Day

  • What fine-tuning is (and isn't)

  • Difference between prompt engineering, fine-tuning, embeddings, and RAG

  • How to create custom LLM models without writing code

  • Creating our first model together, live

 🎯 Day 2: AI Classifiers

  • Why LLM Classifiers are the bedrock of new-age business automation

  • 101 Ideas on how you can deploy Classifiers in your business tomorrow

  • Best practices for creating Classifiers

  • Creating our own "support ticket prioritization" model live!

  • How to read fine-tuning validation and training loss graphs

🎯 Day 3: AI Generators

  • The natural progression from prompt engineering to fine-tuning

  • Four ways how to create a training dataset for fine-tuning in minutes

  • How to "steer" fine-tuned models with system prompts

  • Creating our own fine-tuned "AI Editor" and sharing it with your team

🎯 Day 4: Using Fine-tuned Models in Life & Work

  • Five places where you can use your fine-tuned models

  • How to use your custom AI model in Google Sheets

  • How to connect your custom AI model to Zapier

You're Invited

This masterclass is completely free and 45 minutes each day, plus Q&A time. You'll come out of it with a much clearer understanding of when and how to apply fine-tuning to business tasks.


Don't take our word for it. Every class, we get raving reviews from attendees about how we changed the game for them. Here are just a few:

 "The AI Fine-tuning Masterclass was both interesting and informative! It gave me a much clearer picture of how LLMs are tuned and harnessed for specific use cases."

- Dan Murray, Founder — Rocky Mountain AI Interest Group (RMAIIG) 

"Entry Point’s AI fine-tuning masterclass is packed with practical information on how to work with AI models in a myriad of different ways to integrate them to super-power just about any task."

- Cody McDonald, ex Product Manager — Amazon, Automox, Zen Planner 

"The mastermind was very informative but also fun! It was engaging because it's not a typical webinar; we actually built and tested the models live."

- Matija Laznik, COO — 21writers Content Marketing Agency

"Mihael, your class was insightful and comprehensive. I appreciate how effectively the information was delivered and can clearly see a wide range of applications for fine-tuning AI within our business operations. I would encourage others in our industry to take advantage of this valuable resource the next time it’s available. Thank you for the impactful session!"

-Troy Cooper — Founder of UFFCR

"Just wrapped up Michael Cacic's AI Fine-tuning Masterclass and it's a game-changer! The hands-on approach and practical insights provided are invaluable for anyone looking to deepen their understanding and skills in AI. Highly recommend it to professionals at any level. Thanks, Michael, for an enlightening experience!"

-Milos Popov — AI Prompt Engineer at Scale AI

"This Fine-tuning masterclass was of immense value. Looking over the shoulder of Mihael Cacic is an excellent shortcut to getting a grasp of fine-tuning in action through clear examples."

-Petri Hiissa — RenAIssance Man, Co-founder of Campwire

"This was a great class and format. The quality and level of participation in the Q/A was exceptional. Thanks to you and Miha for hosting this, and for your great supplemental YouTube series as well."

-Bill McIntyre — Problem Solver, Software Engineering Leader, LLM Whisperer, AI, Machine Learning, and LLM Solutions Development at Thinkiac

"Wrapping up the 4-day AI Fine-tuning Masterclass 😁 Amazing opportunity for those of us who are not coming from an engineering-background to deep dive into AI and the bouquet of opportunities that EntryPoint is boosting. Thanks for such a high-level both technical & theoretical content. The content is just too good to be missed."

-Daniela Monsalvo — Business Development Executive at North lead